Formenbau ENGESSER Geisingen

Mold Making

Based on the high precision constructions of our engineers, the highly qualified mold making manufacturers use their entire expert knowledge to produce molds of top quality. They are supported by ultramodern machinery that, due to continual investments, is kept at the newest stand.

Our molds allow the manufacturing of the smallest and largest of components, up to a component weight of 1.200 grams. Here, the molds themselves can have a weight of up to 3 tons.

We carry out sample products for nearly all molds manufactured by our company and we provide the samples with all important manufacturing technical data.

ENGESSER designs and produces tools for:

  • Injection Molding
  • Vulcanisation
  • Miniature Components
  • Prototyps

Many things from daily life come from tools made by ENGESSER.

Range of services

In the Engineering Department many years of experience and a high level of creativity set apart these engineers. A great deal is dependent upon their knowledge, their skills and their proficiency, because the quality of the construction is crucial for the quality of the mold.

By their activities, that carry a high level of responsibility, they are supported through well planned and implemented modern software of leading manufacturers. As a result, they are in the position to precisely develop complicated molds according to state-of-the-art knowledge.

Thanks to permanent discussions with our customers, special wishes and important suggestions can be coordinated and scheduled appropriately. Requirements with regard to the usage of the completed injection molding, pressure molding or vulcanization components with regard to mechanical and thermic stress flow are, of course, implemented into the construction process.

ENGESSER works in the field of mold making with the most up-to-date machinery from companies like DMG or Exeron. Therefore it doesn’t mater if we work on small or big molds, 3- or 5-axis.

Our specialist develop:

  • Your milling programs on CAM workplaces
  • With Work NC or Solid CAM software

The finished product will be a machined part with highest precision.

ENGESSER’s strong point in the erode technique is suited down to the last detail, processing the smallest of details and hardly visible contours.

To fulfil all tasks we put in the most-up-to-date erode machines with 4-axis. We produce parts of the highest precision and quality in all details.

Our specialists begin to work on every order right in time to meet the requested delivery date.

In the field of mold making ideal machinery and well trained employees are available for all sorts of grinding:

  • CNC Profile Grinding
  • CNC Circular Grinding
  • Jig Grinding

Now we go into the detail:

With the usual pre­ci­sion we can pro­duce bore­holes

  • with a di­am­e­ter up to 20mm
  • and a depth till 1380mm

Ask us, test us!

The efficient functionality and delivery of your mould is granted by an initial sample inspection. Four machines from Arburg and Boy are available to produce and test under conditions identical to those of final production. Extensive peripheral devices allow us to work with high performance plastic and produce small batch series. Our customers benefit from tried and tested moulds. The delivery of all injection moulds contains comprehensive documentation, including machine setting card and filling study.

ENGESSER is also able to manufacture and test multi-component injection mouldings. Here our Arburg machine is equipped with the latest technology and techniques.

Initial sample test reports as well as resulting corrections and changes can be provided where required. Optical- and CNC measuring devices are therefore available.


  • Boy 50 T2 (50 tons clamp­ing force)
  • Arburg 320 C (60 tons clamping force)
  • Arburg 420 C (mul­ti-com­po­nent in­jec­tion mold­ing, 100 tons clamp­ing force, turn unit, han­dling de­vice)
  • 2x Ar­burg 470 Gold­en Edi­tion (150 tons clamp­ing force)
  • Arburg 520 C (220 tons clamping force)
  • Arburg 630 S (275 tons clamping force)
  • 2 Ar­burg Ther­mo­lift
  • 4 Tem­per De­vices (up to 140°C)
  • 2 Hasco Hot Run­ner Con­trol De­vices (6 times, 10 times)