Company Organisation

The basis for a sequence of operations that functions smoothly are even, well broken in and balanced structures.

They guarantee short routes within the company and quick information outside to the customers and suppliers. It goes without saying that we place the utmost of importance on quick decisions, their efficient realization and short production time.

In our company, a competent network of capable specialists take care of the interests of our customers both domestically and internationally.

Beginning with the offer preparation, on through the construction and development, purchasing and the fabrication of manufacturing resources, the scheduling and the production until the delivery of checked and controlled products.

Here, our highly motivated experts in each department are supported by modern techniques that, due to continual investments, are always kept at the latest stand.

Regular training and seminars complement these permanent optimizing processes.

The best proof for the correctness of our conduct and procedures is the multitude of satisfied regular customers in various branches worldwide who we always are proud to fill and execute orders for.

Geschäftsführung ENGESSER Geisingen