CNC-Fertigung ENGESSER Geisingen


Our CNC controlled machines are able to work with several materials like steel, aluminium, titan, non-ferrous heavy metal and synthetic materials. It doesn’t matter if the components are milled, rotated, grinded or eroded.

Therefore the 5-axis-production is the core of ENGESSER. The order quantities are different from a unique object to mass-production.

Range of services

CNC milling with the latest machinery.

The production of individual parts and series fabrication with high precision is part of the daily business at ENGESSER.

With our most-up-to-date HSC milling machines we produce, with partly automatic processes, complicated parts for the special mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering, car manufacture and medical technology. Models, prototypes up to finished assembly groups are produced with the latest technology.

ENGESSER’s strong point in the erode technique is suited down to the last detail, processing the smallest of details and hardly visible contours.

To fulfil all tasks we put in the most-up-to-date erode machines with 4-axis. We produce parts of the highest precision and quality in all details.

Our specialists begin to work on every order right in time to meet the requested delivery date.

ENGESSER’s turned parts …prototype or mass-product

Our customized equipment in this area leaves nothing to be desired. Accordingly, ENGESSER is in the position to provide their customers with:

  • single pieces
  • small batch series
  • individual performances
  • or combinations

Now we go into the detail:

With the usual pre­ci­sion we can pro­duce bore­holes

  • with a di­am­e­ter up to 20mm
  • and a depth till 1380mm

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